Innovation to Fuel Profitability: Metrohm Solutions for the Refining Industry

Refineries are complex operations that convert crude oil into a range of products. Optimizing the production process to improve yield and maximize the profitability is a key objective of any refinery. A recent study found that losses due to corrosion can approach $12 billion USD per year. Protecting refineries from the damage of corrosion due to the sulfur, chloride and other organic acids is important from both a safety and a profitability standpoint.

Metrohm offers innovative analytical methodologies to improve process efficiency and to protect against corrosion to maximize profitability.

The image map below shows the process of a refinery, from incoming crude oil to the finished products. Click on each section to see how our quality titration, ion chromatography, near-infrared and process products help fulfill the regulatory needs of the industry.