Refinery Product Improvement & Protection

Driving Global Standards

Standard methods are more important than ever before because these industry validated solutions streamline testing, making it consistent in labs all over the world. ASTM, UOP, ISO, IP and other global standards are commonly used for product quality control testing as they facilitate global commerce and are the basis of sound economies.

The testing of crude and refined oil products is demanding and requires precise and reliable analysis to meet regulatory demands. Metrohm is actively involved with ASTM and is helping to drive method development. We take on these challenges and deliver solutions that improve accuracy and efficiency.

Standards & Methods for the Petroleum Industry

The importance of fossil fuels is reflected by the large number of standards relating to them. Metrohm, as a leading manufacturer of analytical instruments, offers long-standing application know-how for quality control of fossil fuels.

Our comprehensive Standards and Methods Table gives you the correct standard and method for each parameter determined in the refining and petroleum industries – from TAN value to water content.